Thursday, October 30, 2014

the Pumpkin Patch, Connecticut 2014

I have always gone to the Pumpkin Patch in October - even though I live in Florida! While visiting Connecticut in the Fall, I had to take the opportunity to see where the pumpkins actually grow - and take the Little One to his first Pumpkin Farm - at Brown's Harvest!

Pumpkin Patches are amazing places for photos - whether you're on a date...

or with the family.

It's always fun to see all the different types of pumpkins that grow -

and I definitely saw a lot more on this one farm than I have ever seen in my entire life! Did you know that there are white pumpkins? I didn't...

Best part? Baby loved his first Pumpkin Farm, of course!

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Sunday, October 26, 2014

Best Halloween Books for Baby

My Baby is really still a Baby - but it is never too early to start reading. I have actually been reading to him since he was in my tummy - and he loves his books.

We have these 3 board books - our favorite picks for Halloween - Room on the Broom (he loves the rhythm and all the voices I have to do), the Hallo-Wiener (which has beautiful illustrations and lots of funny sounds for me to make), and It's Pumpkin Day, Mouse! (short and sweet, complete with counting). 

These 3 books - Little Owl's Night (full of animals and very calming), Where the Wild Things Are (his second favorite), and Goodnight Moon (his very favorite) - are fit for Halloween, even though they aren't actually meant to be for Halloween.

Since I could read Goodnight Moon over and over again without him getting tired of it, I picked up Goodnight Goon for Halloween. 

He doesn't love it quite as much - but I think he will when he gets older.

We have a tough time weeding out the good reads, so I hope these seven picks point you in the right direction for your own little one's collection. Happy Pumpkin Day, Baby!

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Wednesday, October 22, 2014

DIY Chic Costumes for Ladies

It's important - to me, anyway - to not use Halloween as an excuse to dress - well - less; I am trying not to use that four letter word that starts with an S and ends with a T. Here are 3 exemplary ways to dress well this Halloween...

1. Pop Culture: Mia Wallace, of Pulp Fiction. 
long-sleeved white button-down, fitted black crop pants, black flats, red manicure, red lipstick and black mascara, short black bob with bangs (or wig)

2. Vintage Pop Culture: Dorothy
sleeveless white top, light blue skirt, red flats, blush for rosy cheeks

3. Classic: Pirate
boyfriend or distressed light-wash jeans, white tee, black heels, and pearls, pearls, pearls

Besides not looking like a four letter word on Halloween, the great bonus of all 3 of these Chic Costumes is that you can wear the clothes again and again, working them into your regular wardrobe; now that's dressing well.